Commitment to one another (Song 1:11)

The daughters of Jerusalem respond to the king’s assessment of the woman by volunteering to help make her look even more beautiful. Obviously, there is no jealousy in their words. They have listened to his praise of her, and their response is that they want to make her look even better.

Their words do not suggest that they in themselves can produce something better than what the king has available, but instead what they make will become part of his resources for her to wear. We can see also that they intend to use only the best of metals when contributing to her beautiful jewellery.

In the words of the daughters we have a wonderful illustration of the way believers are to help one another become beautiful. It is a fact that one of the ways in which sanctification develops is through the way believers interact with one another. We are familiar with the phrase that we are to love one another.

So I suppose we could say that the daughters of Jerusalem exhort us in this verse to commit ourselves to help one another become beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. Because if we are not doing this, we will be affecting their possible beauty to some extent.


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