The Fragrance of the King

Song of Solomon 1:3 mentions that the anointing oils of the king are fragrant to his beloved and her companions. This is a reminder that wherever the king is, his presence will be sensed even before he is met directly. A point that could be suggested is that she, with her companions, has put herself where she knows his fragrance will be experienced, and as far as believers are concerned, those places are the means of grace.

What are the fragrances of Jesus? In general, we could mention his perfect life, his atoning death, his resurrection and ascension, his intercession and all that it involves, and his return.

In the next line, she focuses on the fragrance of his name and in the context it could be the literal name of the king, which is Solomon, and which we know is connected to the idea of peace. And it is the case that one of the strongest aromas that comes continually from Jesus is his love of peace. He gives peace, and he classified his followers as those who love peace. Whether it is that name, or another name, it is good to think about the names of Jesus.


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