Words from a loving heart

The Song of Solomon is about Jesus and his people. It is a book in which many believers have discovered amazing spiritual experiences as through it he has drawn near to them and made himself known to their souls. This means that it is a book that describes the possibility of Christian experience as well as the pleasantness of it. Those who have obtained contact with Jesus through this book have testified to the great pleasure that they have known. And since that is the case, the book reminds us of the priority of Christian living, which is to know Jesus as well as we can.

Verses 1-8 of chapter 1 are a poem set in a dwelling place of the king, probably a palace. Initially, his beloved is walking with her companions near his presence and then she is allowed into his presence. In both situations, she has something to say about herself and about the king. For example, in verse 2a, she speaks about the king and then moves to speaking to the king, before in verse 4 she expresses her excitement and gladness to having been brought into his presence.

As we move through the book, we will listen in to conversations between the king and his beloved. We will also listen in to what is said when they are apart. A thought to think about is whether or not we have something to say about our longings for the company of the King.


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