Contact with the King

Song of Solomon 1:2 tells us that the lady wants personal contact with the king. It was not enough for her to be near the king in the sense that she was aware of his aromas; nor was it enough for her that she was with those who wanted to meet the king for themselves.

Obviously, both of those aspects were very important for her, but they were not the one thing above all that she wanted. She was in the king’s palace and she was with the king’s friends. Yet she wanted more, and her heart was not satisfied with the good blessings that she already had.

She reminds us of Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus enjoying his company and learning from him rather than being with Martha who was focussed on doing what was good. Jesus commended Mary for her choice. It is more important to be with Jesus than to do things for Jesus (although we should want to do things for him). He must come first in our lives, and when that is the case he is very pleased.

We can also deduce from the lady’s statement in verse 2 about the king’s kisses that she wanted repeated expressions of his affections. There are some things that it would have been inappropriate for her to ask for, even although she was his beloved. She could not ask to have his authority, for example. It would have been inappropriate for her to have questioned the ways he exercised his government over the nation. But she could ask for his affections, and she could ask for very frequent expressions of them. This was her desire, to have more from the king.

And is this not what should be the longing of the heart of every Christian? There are many things that we cannot get involved in as far as his providences are concerned. But we can discover more and more of his affections and the blessings that he can give to us.

Do we know why things go wrong in the Christian life? Often, it is when we lose sight of the fact that Jesus should be our number one desire and when we no longer enjoy the sweetness of his touch. Maybe it is appropriate for us to search our hearts and ask when we last experienced a kiss from him in our souls.


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