Admiring Jesus – Adolph Saphir

Jesus, the Son of God and Son of man, must needs be above our comprehension; the union of the divine and human surpasses all our thought. And yet is this ‘man Christ Jesus’, who is above all – God blessed for ever – the most distinct, living, and bright reality to us, divine, infinite Light, Love and Life wrought into true and real humanity! And the Spirit of God keeps this wonderful and attractive Image before our eyes.

Jesus is our model, and from the nature of the case our only, one Master. Jesus is heavenly-minded; as He Himself expresses, the Son of man who came from heaven is in heaven. In Him we see that to be spiritually-minded is life and peace. But in this stranger and pilgrim on earth there is nothing morbid or ascetic; His spirituality is so deep and free, continuous and joyous, strong and full, that there is no effort, no unevenness, no disturbance of His affectionate and humble and helpful intercourse with those around Him.

His obedience to the Father, His fulfilment of the divine law, is perfect. In every detail of life, in every word He utters, in every feature and attitude. He is in the presence and conscious enjoyment of the Father, always glorifying and manifesting Him. And yet there is nothing in Him that savours of the spirit of bondage; He walks with the step of royal liberty. His life is full of light and rhythm.

He loves God and man; He loves His disciples with a special love and tenderness, yet rebuking and disciplining with holy severity. He loves mankind, especially the poor and helpless, the sorrowful and contrite. His object is always to heal and to do good; He is the Light of the world; He came to bless and to save. Whatever man’s attitude may be, He cannot deny Himself. He is perfect Love.


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