Why Think About Jesus?

In Romans 8:34, Paul tells his readers to think about Jesus when they are being condemned, perhaps by Satan or by others. Why should we do so? Paul gives four reasons.

First, there is the reality of his death. Why did Jesus die? The answer to this question can be stated as that he died in order to make it impossible for any who trust in him to be condemned. Although he was not guilty of any of our sins, he was held accountable for them. So, on the cross he took our place and experienced the condemnation due against his people. So in the spiritual battle, when we are condemned for our sins by our spiritual enemies, we should recall that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins.

Second, there is the reality of his resurrection. Why was Jesus raised? Several answers could be given to this question, but as far as us being condemned is concerned, his resurrection is the proof that his work on the cross was sufficient to deal with our sins. If what he did on the cross was insufficient for dealing with our sins he would not have been raised by the Father on the third day. So when our spiritual enemies suggest that we are open to divine punishment for our sins we should look at the evidence for the sufficiency of his work, and the permanent evidence is his resurrection.

Third, there is the reality of his enthronement, which is what his meant by the reference to the right hand of God. The right hand of God is a place on the throne of God and not a space beside it. Why was Jesus enthroned? As with the previous points several answers could be given. Yet with regard to our response to ongoing condemnation by our spiritual enemies one reason why Jesus was enthroned was ‘to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins’ (Acts 5:31). So if we should be accused or condemned by others we are to look to the One sitting on God’s throne whose ongoing ministry involves providing the appropriate divine response to our sinfulness.

Fourth, Paul reminds his readers that Jesus is interceding for them. What does Paul mean by the intercession of Christ. The intercession of Jesus is hard for us to grasp, but then so is every aspect of his heavenly existence. When we are accused of sin, we look to Jesus and observe that he will never cease to be our effective Advocate because his wounds always require our permanent forgiveness. 


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